Monday, February 02, 2009

I love Massachusetts

Daily Kos: Tired of Being Lectured by the Rich About Need for Austerity:
"Example 2: I was in line at the grocery store last week when I had to pull out my food stamps to pay for my tiny amount of groceries (here in Mass., they give us what looks like a debit card).

One of the wealthy, trophy-wife yentas who lives around here (I've seen her in the store with her 2x older husband) in line behind me rolled her eyes, made that sigh of disgust the tut-tutters always do, and then audibly whispered this gem to one of her pampered spawn: 'Damn leech.'

So, in my best, most diplomatic tone, I cleared my throat and said, 'We can't all give blowjobs to secure our futures, sweetie. Some of us actually work for it.'

'Fuck you,' she said.

To which I gave my standard response (people in Mass. say F U a lot!), 'No, thanks.'

Two people behind her in line gave me the thumbs up, while the grocery clerk grinned and finished ringing my stuff.

Apparently, we are not alone!"

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