Monday, March 10, 2008

Trust, can't measure it, but wow are we screwwed without it

I'm sure that most of us are watching the economic news with varying levels of horror. Of course the news is hardly where one goes for optimism and a sense of warm fuzzy. Ok we get that. We are modern people living in a complicated, industrialized, modern world. My concern is that, not only are we in a situation with no Dumbledore (although this guy and this guy do give me warm fuzzies on occasion) but we are in fact without any critical mass of individuals who can work within the system and "do the right thing" without having to pay severe personal penalties. So now we have a situation where, not only are we not investing in the future, we are squandering our current fortune on foibles whilst not maintaining the investments previous generations made for us. It's the perfect storm and we all saw how that ended, even with George Clooney in charge.

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