Saturday, August 01, 2009

time management

I used to be able to manage life. I used to be excellent at scheduling, being super punctual, etc. Now I'm like some crazy lady walking around dropping things and forgetting stuff and unclear on how anything is getting done. I prefer the old me and would like to re-create her asap.

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  1. Well. You're not getting any younger. Odds are it'll just get worse from here. ;-)

    Few things you might try:
    1) GTD - it's a book, it's a cult, it's a way of life. Think it works very well for some people. Plenty of info on teh interwebs... but might as well start on wikipedia... search for 'wiki gtd'

    2) google reader. it'll get your daily sites/browsing in check. subscribe to all your feeds... you now have a one-stop place to check everything. it's like an inbox for the web... you never have to worry about checking sites or missing a story, they'll be there waiting for you. learn the keyboard shortcuts. it's great.

    3) google voice. give you a little more control over the phone... get transcriptions of voicemail by sms or email. still invite-only but you can request & invite and seems to only take a week or two to get one. being able to selectively redirect all your calls from your family to voicemail a few hours a day might just be all you need.