Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Kos: How I learned to stop being angry

Daily Kos: How I learned to stop being angry: "It's today that I realized that we are, indeed, a one-party state in this country. Oh, we have two official parties, but that's just for show. The reality is that they all work for the same people. Sure, there are different factions and personalities within this all-encompassing group, and granted there might be a few people here and there who doggedly fight the system and actually work for us, but they are VASTLY outnumbered, and more importantly, not taken seriously by the rest of the members of this theatrical group known as the U.S. two-party system.

It's a real relief, to realize this. I no longer have to be angry, and I no longer have to wonder how these people can be so SPINELESS and STUPID. They're neither. They simply work for people other than us.

So the reality is that the Democrats have done us a favor today.

The Democratic Party conceded today that they have absolutely no ability at all to do anything in this country, not even against The Worst President In History.

They've shown us that this country is officially under One Party Rule, not by either party in particular, but by the Corporatocracy itself that actually runs things.

It's the old 'Golden Rule'. You know, 'the guy with the gold makes the rules'. "

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