Sunday, May 20, 2007

Long time No write

I haven't written anything in awhile. There has been a generalized funk about my world for no real specific reason, other than the aforementioned sense of foreboding.

LONDON (AFP) - Internet censorship is growing worldwide, with 26 out of 40 countries blocking or filtering political or social content, a study reported Friday.

No updates on the bees. The FDA is a mess, thus you now have to afraid of the food you eat and Bush is more nuts than ever. I watched Children of Men , not the best idea I've ever had, but such is my funk that it didn't do much to move me. My new job is less new, but not really less confusing. It's a very opaque corporate dynamic and my efforts so far to understand its currents have been largely fruitless. So I'm just going on as one does when you don't really know where you are going.

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