Friday, June 15, 2007

Stupid People

I'm a subservient wife and love it: "Like many of the book's other disciples, Skye now has 'no idea' how much money she and her husband have. 'I have handed all of our financial matters over to Frank. He is the breadwinner. I am the homemaker,' she says. 'He has all the power. He buys what we need and gives me pocket money.'

And she swears the arrangement works wonderfully. 'I've never been happier!'

Frank says that now his wife has handed over control of everything in their life to him, she is much more feminine and their sex life has never been better.

'She wears make-up, takes real good care of herself and leaps into my arms when I come home each day,' he says. 'She looks after me properly, attends to my every whim and really listens to what I say.

'She loves that I'm in charge and that she doesn't have to worry about making any decisions. She knows it's all taken care of, and I love being the boss of the house…'"

I have never been married. I'm probably not that likely to get married. Marriage always freaked me out for various reasons. Then I read crap like this and my head wants to explode. I know married people, I even know happily married people and I feel confident saying that it would be deeply offensive to them to intimate that happiness will only exist if one person (likely the female) submits totally to the other person. Who are these freaks and why do we have to read about their disturbing relationships? People are offended by gay marriage but not these weirdos? I really don't understand.


  1. Wow... I mean seriously - you can't see the hypocrisy in your own words ?

    Marriage isn't for everyone... that's fine. It just doesn't work well for some regardless of their preferences. Here you have two people not promoting their choice... but just saying 'what works for them' - and you condemn it like they're banging down your door handing out leaflets - wtf ? Is your condemnation any more wrong than someone referring to a gay couple as 'these freaks' ?

    Be the change you want to see in the world. If you truly don't want others to judge people based on the preferences and choices they find personally offensive... start by not judging others for the choices and preferences which personally offend you.

    Or maybe you were just on the rag when you posted.

    (being sensitive doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of humor ;-) ).

  2. Complete sublimination of one's desires to another's is not a personal choice.