Monday, July 16, 2007


Details Blog: "Albert (his middle name), a good-looking 29-year-old who's fairly well-known in the music industry, says he asks the women he dates to have anal sex with him because it raises the level of intimacy in the relationship. He doesn't demand anal sex—especially not if it's a one-time hookup—but he won't commit to a woman who refuses to grant him a backstage pass. 'I had a girlfriend who I was with for a long time and she wasn't into it,' Albert says. 'There was definitely a thing in the back of my head like, 'I can't marry her.' How can I, knowing I can't go to all the places I can go with her? The physicality of it, being painful or whatever, shows how comfortable the girl is with you.' Here, he pointedly stops short of romanticizing screwing a woman rectally. 'Ideally, every girl is a disgusting pig who wants it,' he says. 'But only with you.'"

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  1. Gross. Not anal sex, but "Albert," a.k.a. selfish prick.