Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bitch Ph.D.

Bitch Ph.D.: "[I]t's nuts to say women aren't 'as visual,' though really what they mean is that women are supposed to leave ogling naked bodies up to men. is fucking dead on. I haven't much thought about the claim that women aren't as visual as men, usually made in defense of 1) the fact that our culture is obsessed with female attractiveness, or 2) pornography. But it's totally insane! What the hell does that even mean? If women aren't as visual, why are they, by the same cultural narratives, more concerned with fashion, interior decorating, sunsets, and pretty flowers? Why does being an artist make you a girly-man? Perhaps what 'women aren't as visual' really means is that 'women aren't as easily aroused by visual stimulation designed to arouse.' However, we have a problem. Stimuli designed to arouse (i.e. porn) are usually designed to arouse men. No wonder. Even so, these same stimuli often arouse women anyway."

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