Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wired 15.04: The See-Through CEO

Wired 15.04: The See-Through CEO: "Being 'liked' sounds awfully touchy-feely - yet it's central to this flowering of glasnost. Today's public has been serially disenchanted by years of corporate scandals and on-the-cheap customer service so inhuman it couldn't pass the Turing test. 'I think that most of the rage people feel toward these big institutions, like government or corporations or media, is that they feel they're not listened to, that no one's there,' says Shel Israel, coauthor of Naked Conversations. By seeming 'basically like a normal human,' a company can quickly generate a surge of goodwill. As Redfin's Kelman puts it, 'There's a whole class of CEOs who can hardly write an email. But I feel like in this new digital world, there are haves and have-nots, and people who can't write convincingly - they're leaving themselves defenseless. The people who clearly enjoy writing and blogging are like CEOs 2.0 - they have competitive advantage over other CEOs.'"

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