Thursday, March 15, 2007

yes, yes you are!

ABC News: Christian Men...Too Wimpy?: "March 15, 2007 — Three hundred men — all Christian — gathered behind closed doors at a Tennessee mall trying to figure out the difference between being 'nice' (which is not good) and being 'good' (which is). They struggled in the dimly lit hall — after a Christian rock band handed it off to the comic in charge — to make sense of the message they were hearing from the stage: that church has been 'feminized' and that the Jesus talked about in many modern churches is too wimpy and gentle.

The men had to decide by day's end (that is, after six hours of listening) whether they were ready to take up the challenge of becoming a 'Christian warrior' modeled on the 'manlier' version of Christ they were told has been overlooked — the Christ who took a whip to moneychangers, and used the word 'dung' when he had to.

This was GodMen, a movement that is still a work in progress, according to principle founder Brad Stine, who calls himself 'America's comic' and is often written up as 'the Christian comic.'

Stine is convinced that American men in general, and Christian men in particular, have surrendered their masculinity to the shackles of political correctness, especially within the framework of the typical present day church. So he started GodMen as an "

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