Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend thoughts

Notes on the nature of being spooked. I like being aware. I try to pay attention to the world I live in and I try to penetrate beneath the obvious in several areas. I read, I participate and occasionally I write here. The mind, or mine specifically, has always been my true companion. That should in no way be taken to diminish those of you who are my companions in this life we lead, but only to point out that my mind is the only companion that has been there since the beginning and excepting dementia, will be with me when I leave this earth. Regardless, I digress gratuitously. I am spooked deeply right now. The world as I experience it seems dangerously off kilter. It is my opinion that one of the fundamental rules of the universe is balance. Obviously balance beyond what we can perceive or likely hope to understand even in the next couple of generations, but balance nonetheless. I think this is why kids have such an innate sense of fairness, Buddha said move beyond the Ego and Rilke said pain is as necessary as joy to be able to experience life as a human. And the world as we perceive it, is terribly awfully destructively off balance. From the disappearing bees, to the dramatically ignored destruction of the ocean and the desperate state of most of the world’s human population, it seems to me that those who orchestrate these systems assumed something would happen before now to correct the excesses. Only nothing did. Israel invaded Lebanon and everyone watched. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are being killed and millions are dying from poverty everyone just watches. The leader of the free world is likely back on the sauce and everyone just watches. What creates that level of inertia? Who cares, the inertia isn’t the point. If there is balance somewhere and our systems are not reacting to current chaos, what happens? What happens next? So hopefully I grossly underestimate the elasticity of the universe and my current safe bubble will continue indefinitely…..but the whiskers are twitching and the cadence feels off. We will see.

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