Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily Kos: Food Riots Breaking Out Across the Planet

Daily Kos: Food Riots Breaking Out Across the Planet: "Is the U.S.immune to the conditions that cause food riots? In March, Kossak bink documented soaring wheat prices, which are now showing up in price hikes at bakeries in Michigan, pizzerias in New York, and beer just about everywhere. Milk prices are up 26 percent and egg prices are up 40 percent.

But Americans are a tough lot. We swallowed $2 and $3 per gallon gas prices with nary a blink or change in our driving habitat (until very recently). But is something about to change? Nearly one in 10 Ohioans now receive food stamps. Middle class Long Islanders are turning to food pantries. In Windsor, CT, 350 households now visit the food bank, compared to 120 in 2006. While I don't believe food riots are in our immediate future, it appears our ability to feed ourselves is becoming increasing difficult, and a day of reckoning may now be on the horizon."

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