Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Possible Thread

Following my watching of old BSG in preparation for the new season I ordered The Darjeeling Limited from OnDemand and watched it while having my last bit of Glenlivet. I have loved Wes Anderson movies but most specifically Rushmore. It surprised to me that he had surpassed that movie. The portrayal of sibling but also family dynamics in this move is shocking and comforting.

As I age, I find that the family dynamic is in fact an amazing mystery that embodies the conundrum described in kill the buddha. I thought for so long that my goal was to get to a place of 'peace' with my family. I now realize how utterly naive and pointless a goal that was and is. I struggle, and likely due to my disposition have always struggled, with the idea of process being the point, not the destination. So as I gamely try to embrace the concept of the importance of process I am awed by how much I love those who have become my family, how willing I am to exist within their sphere, how profoundly my youthful notions of independence as strength have been torn asunder and finally how obvious, enjoyable and satisfying that conclusion is.

At some point all i asked was that it never be boring and it never, not even for a moment has been. Slainte.

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