Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random particularly offensive Misogny

I am not sure how much readership Harper's Magazine has, but the consider themselves the preeminent liberal policy magazine in the US. I have been reading them since high school and subscribing since college. It's generally speaking a good magazine. Nonetheless, there has been either a recent or only recently noticed trend of "women are less than human (male)" in both them and Atlantic Monthly. I don't know if the editors have changed or if it was there all along and I am only recently noticing it, but it's awful. That Rush Limbagh, Laura Ingram, Bill O'Reilly and their ilk are misogynists is expected, annoying, but expected. When supposedly liberal humanists writing about society at large are, it's depressing.

The following are snippets from Lewis Lapham's Notebook which is his opening soliloquy for each issue. Two times in this article women are mentioned in lists of things. Things for sale or things in a place, but things nonetheless. I see this stuff and I don't know how its going to change. I don't know how or where progress will happen and it's really frustrating.

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